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Speak with the RoomFour design experts in one of our dedicated showrooms and work with the professionals.

We will maximise your limited space, 100% custom-design any interior and joinery to suit your needs, and increase the resale value of your home with the WOW factor that gets you, and your home, noticed for the right reasons!

Kitchen Renovations

With a focus on kitchen renovations in Melbourne, at RoomFour your own professional designer ensures your renovation is timeless and of superior quality. Your kitchen design will work in harmony with the rest of your home and be flexible enough to change with your changing lifestyle.

Bathroom Renovations

With years of experience designing bathrooms, we have developed a professional sense of what will both look great, as well as work in with the lifestyle of you and your family. We take into consideration the existing layout and style of the house as well as functionality – working hand in hand with you throughout the design process to ensure you are more than happy with the end result. Whether you’re looking at big or small bathroom renovations we have you covered.

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You get to know who we are and how we operate, seeing the same values that determine the quality and timelessness of the renovation of one of the largest financial investments in your life. Whether you’re looking for home, kitchen or bathroom renovations in Melbourne, we’d love to help you.

We offer more than a telephone number – you can come into our Melbourne based bathroom and kitchen showrooms and talk to and get a feel for us. With a full suite and limitless selection of bathroom and kitchen displays, product expertise and demonstrations at your disposal, we are ready to help achieve your dream extension and renovations in Melbourne, and ensure you maximise your project and get the most out of your money.

You will always have a place to come back to – before we’re in your home, while we’re there and after too.

Choose us because…

You’re redecorating and just need help with colours? Or want someone to go shopping with you for the right appliances? We can custom-design any consultations and make it worth your while – the improvements you get will add real capital and timeless value to your home and pleasure with the time you do get to spend in it, preventing costly mistakes.

Just give us a call regarding our extension and renovations services and ask us how.

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