About Room Four

Who we are

We are Melbourne’s leading home, bathroom and kitchen renovation specialists. Our passion for design and renovation exceeds completing projects to satisfaction, we go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that our clients are blown away with their renovations.

With our full team of in-house interior designers and fully registered master builders, we are your one stop shop for all of your design and renovation needs.

Services we provide

Custom Designs

RoomFour offers specialised full house, bathroom and modern kitchen designs and renovations in Melbourne. We create stunning, contemporary and functional spaces.

RoomFour specialises in building the most unique, modern yet practical spaces that transform your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or wardrobes into beautifully designed environments. Our workmanship is easy to recognise, because we pay that extra special attention to detail that most others miss. Whether it is for kitchen and bathroom renovations, or a full house remodel, we utilise interior architects and kitchen designers that specialise in designing custom spaces. They take into consideration the ambience, the lighting and technical intricacies that turn ordinary into spectacular.

Here at RoomFour, our kitchen designers use the creative manipulation and coordination of materials, technologies, lighting and shadow to bring to life your dream environments. Generalist architects don’t have the specific knowledge required for something as distinctive as what we do, and we can also fully specify every aspect of your home, designer kitchens or bathroom designs. This means we don’t just design it and provide plan layouts, elevations and full working drawings that any builder can follow, we also manage and quality control the whole project from start to finish, no matter if it is a complete home renovation or small jobs requiring bathroom plans and modern kitchen designs.

Project Planning

We provide 3D renderings (if required) to give you that final visual concept that portrays the dimensional perspective of your project, whether it is a full home restoration job or kitchen and bathroom renovations.

No job is too big or too small, but we do take pride in the work we do and make it a point to emphasise on quality throughout the project. We choose the best fixtures and fittings that fit the budget for your bathroom and kitchen renovations project to deliver the best results your money can buy. RoomFour can arrange everything, from building and town planning permits to sourcing and importing of products that others find too hard to locate. The options are endless and are only limited to your requirements and budget. We are proud to create some of the highest-quality designer kitchens and bathrooms in Melbourne.

Project Management

Once you have approved the working drawings and have picked all your preferred colours and fittings our qualified and registered master builders, cabinetmakers, plumbers and finishing specialists begin their work to turn the drawings into reality.

RoomFour manage each project to make sure every job is completed to perfection. Our keen eyes oversee every stage of progress within the predicted time and budget. No nasty surprises, we guarantee our work and all materials are certified so our clients are protected with lifetime warrantees on our hardware and all soft and self-closing products by Hettich. We KNOW about the products and design ideas that others haven’t even thought of. Your completed project will wow your guests and increase the overall value of your property, whether it is a full house restoration or just simple bathroom and kitchen renovations. We create spaces that are the envy of our competitors to make your dreams a reality.