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Flagship Double Showroom 334 Williamstown Road, Yarraville, VIC 3013 Australia
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Some of the Best Melbourne Kitchen and Bathroom Designs Available

At RoomFour, our experience has taught us that delivering the highest-quality Melbourne kitchen and bathroom designs begins with friendly, one-on-one discussion with our valued clients.

We have a passion for design and making renovations that extra bit spectacular. We would love to take the time to talk to you about our design and renovation services, whether you want to do so in-person, over the phone or via email.
Our team are happy to talk with you at our kitchen and bathroom showroom, conveniently located in Yarraville.

Taking the First Step

At RoomFour, we want to help you get the best design and renovation possible for your home. Our process usually starts with a consultation in one of our showroom. Here we go over various aspects of your renovation such as:

–    Style / Design Ideas
–    Fixtures
–    Finishes
–    Budget
–    Timeframes

In our showroom we have an extensive range of different designs and displays that we use to inspire and help you get the look that you’re after. Our team of interior design experts are here to ensure we offer you the best advice so you get the result you’re looking for.
What to bring in

To help us offer you the best advice for your home renovation, please bring in all the materials you can that will give us a clear idea of the layout of your house and what kind of design you may be looking for. Things to consider include:

–    Photos of the house or rooms you are looking to renovate.
–    Floor Plans, if you have the originals this will help our designers get a better feel for the house, if not, a simple sketch of the rooms and locations of the fixtures eg. Existing cabinets toilets, sinks etc.
–    Ideas List, you may not know exactly what you want your renovation to look like, however you may know that you want to have extra storage, double basins, wider mirrors or a kitchen that can allow you to socialise and entertain people. Write these ideas down and bring them in, this will help our designers come up with a tailored design that suits your needs.
–    Inspirational Visuals, you may have been looking through magazines or the internet, or even been shopping and noticed you loved the look of something – if you have any visuals you can show us this will help us better design the renovation your looking for – a picture paints a thousand words.

Anything you think would be beneficial in giving our designers a better idea of your home space and what you’re looking to get out of your renovation we would love to see!

Can’t make it into one of showrooms?

We understand that coming into one of our showrooms is not always convenient for everybody. If you’re currently having to organise your renovation and design planning around work, study or personal commitments, then it’s no problem for us to get in touch with you via email or phone.
We find that this is a desirable option for many of our clients, and we ensure that you’ll receive the very same level of service as you would if you were to visit us in one of our showrooms.

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