Quality Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne

Homeowners throughout Victoria are more than aware that cooking and bathing spaces are some of the most vital areas of any house. Although it can be easy to see these areas as simply functional, it’s important to give them the attention and consideration they deserve – particularly if you’re looking to carry out renovations in the home.

At RoomFour, we boast an extensive service suite as kitchen and bathroom renovators in Melbourne. Other providers of kitchen and bathroom renovations may need external designers and architects to create plans before they can get to work, but our professional team includes expert interior architects who will extensively discuss your needs and requirements with you.

We provide our design services holistically as part of a house-wide analysis process. It is our belief that effective renovations take every part of the home into consideration, rather than treating the area to be renovated as a totally separate entity from the rest of your house. This is something that truly separates us from other kitchen and bathroom renovators – our willingness to fit our work into your home as a whole.

As well as our in-house design services, we also incorporate beautifully custom-made joinery and cabinetry into the building and creation process when carrying out bathroom and kitchen renovations. This ensures that you’ll have furnishings and fittings that completely suit the refurbishment of your bathing or cooking space, and allows us to give you the most customised solution possible.

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