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6 Essential Bathroom Items: Tips for Your Renovation

The bathroom is most likely the first room you head to after waking in the morning – having a bathroom that is designed to make you feel calm and relaxed will ensure your day gets off to the right start, no matter what side of the bed you wake up on.

Below, we have looked at the 6 essential items in your bathroom and put together some useful tips to take into consideration when it comes to time to renovate your bathroom!


1. Tap and Shower Fixtures

When it comes to choosing tap and shower fixtures, remember that you don’t have to follow the same colour scheme as the rest of the bathroom. Quite often, these fixtures are a great opportunity to add some contrast to your bathroom renovation.

The bathroom below has gone for matt black fixtures which look amazing against the white tiling. Adding a couple contrasting pieces can really make all the difference.


2. Lighting & Light Shades

One of the biggest mistakes people make when renovating their bathroom is not having enough light. You want to pay special attention to the vanity as well as the shower and tub areas, you can also look at placing lighting under wall mounted cabinets – especially in more modern bathroom.

As the bathroom is also a place where people go to relax, you can consider including dimmers with some of your lighting which will help create a more day-spa like ambience.

When it comes to the light fixtures and light shades, there are many options available – sometimes minimal is best, for example in the bathroom below, the simplistic light fixture looks great and really puts a nice touch on the overall design.


3. Basins

A bathroom basin should both look good and be functional. Things to take into consideration when choosing the right basin include:

How much room and space you have available

–    How much room and space you have available
–    Who will be using the bathroom
–    Lifestyle factors

For example if you have a relatively small bathroom you may look for a wall basin – these give off a minimalistic look and help save space. If children will be using the basin you may want to go for an inset basin with a low height vanity.

Depending on the number of people using the bathroom you may want to consider a dual basin option.

You will be using the basin everyday so it’s important you choose the right one and that it ties in with the design of your bathroom and your family’s needs!


4. Bathtubs

Similar to choosing a basin – the bathtub should find a healthy medium between visual appeal and function use.

Things to consider when choosing your bathtub include size and spacing – Choosing a centre piece bathtub can look amazing! However if you don’t have the space, your bathroom is going to feel cramped and awkward.

What kind of role is the bathtub going to fill? Will it be a place used to unwind and relax? Or will it be more for young children to play in? It is important to consider the functional use the bath will provide.

The bathroom and kitchen are usually the most appealing to home buyers, if you’re renovating with the possibility of selling, you’ll want to go with a bath that is both visually appealing, but also has a more functional use that will appeal to families with young children.


5. Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are often overlooked. The right mirror can have a massive impact on the style and feel of your bathroom.

Functionally, you want to consider the size of the vanity and basin. In general you want the mirror to fit within the dimensions of the vanity and to not be too far or too close to the basin.Obviously the height of the people using the mirror will impact the size and location.

When it comes to style and design you can choose to go with a framed or unframed mirror – framed mirrors can add another element of style however they can be quite large and can sometimes make the bathroom feel a bit busy. Having an unframed mirror gives off a more simplistic look – it all depends on the look you’re after.

A useful tip when figuring out what the mirror will look like is to use blank paper cut outs to test different shapes and sizes before you lock in the final purchase.


6. Vanity Cabinets

Your vanity cabinet can make or break the ‘look’ of your bathroom, there are many things to keep in mind when looking at vanity units such as

–    placement
–    plumbing
–    material
–    storage
–    size
–    height
–    style

You want to ensure that your vanity doesn’t block traffic and isn’t going to inhibit the shower or bathroom door.

Also think about where the current plumbing is, if you’re looking at relocating the vanity and having to modify the plumbing, expect to see the cost of your renovation shoot up.

When choosing the vanity, make sure you keep all the aspects of your bathroom in mind as you want the vanity to tie your bathroom together as well as offer valuable storage and functional use.


Hope these tips have helped!

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