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Architectural Design Trends for 2018

Architectural design is an art that is always growing, and this year we are seeing many new looks that we think you should keep your eye on.

With 2018 well upon us, we thought we would have a look at the latest architectural design trends for homes for the year. From internal design and layouts to exterior structures and patterns, we are seeing new architectural innovation and creativity for all parts of the home.

So let’s explore the architectural design trends for the home in 2018.


A popular trend that we have seen emerge recently in the home are the mixing of multiple textures and materials to create a dual-material look. We’ve seen this in recent years and we look forward to seeing more of it in 2018.

Mixing a combination of natural materials with man-made, or rugged and textured with a polished concrete has picked up momentum in interior home design. Natural timber elements paired with modern, white marbles has become a common choice in kitchens and bathrooms lately, such as pairing a light timber with a stunning natural stone surface from CDK stone.

This year, the trend will remain strong, and reach the exteriors, turning homes into architectural statements. Stained wood panelling is making its way outdoors to facades, paired with steel and copper elements to create a modern edge with a hint of warmth.

Move Towards More Curves

One of the biggest architectural trends for the year is the implementation of curves, curves and more curves. A beautiful curved wall – whether indoors or as part of the exterior structure – is a work of art itself, and provides modern character.

In the past sharp, defined edges have been the common choice for a modern home. But this year, we are starting to see people shy away from that and opt for bold curvy architectural designs. This means more curves and rounded edges will be seen, in facades especially.

We have seen beautifully designed curved buildings from some of Australia’s most reputable commercial architects for some time now, and it has begun making its way down to the mainstream home market.

Round edges can be particularly useful for maximising space in areas where things are a bit snug. It can also be a life-saver when awkward-sized spaces is a major issue, such as in this Concord apartment.

The Butler’s Pantry

In an open concept home, a beautifully designed kitchen will always be the centre of attention. However, you don’t necessarily always want guests seeing the meal prep or dirty dishes. This is why adding a butler’s pantry – also referred to as a prep kitchen – has become a big trend in home design this year.

Think of it as a second, small kitchen off your main kitchen. They are a great place to prepare meals and keep appliances and bins out of sight. A butler’s pantry allows you to keep your main kitchen mess-free and leaves your kitchen bench to be the perfect entertaining space for guests.

Eco Friendly

Natural, Eco-Friendly Materials and Textures

This year the bold industrial look is fading out and we are seeing an increase in ‘au natural’ looks, from materials and textures to warmer colour palettes and tones.

We are seeing more and more timber panelling on home exteriors, paired with hints of modernity to really make a statement. We are also seeing timber panelling take off indoors, such as ceiling features in the dining room or floor-to-ceiling panelling going up the stairs.

With people striving to be more eco-friendly and conscious in their home builds, this goes hand in hand with the natural look.

Open Concept Living Stays Strong

Open concept homes have been popular for quite some time now, and we aren’t seeing this architectural design trend disappearing anytime soon.

There are multiple reasons why this is a trend that has stuck. It encourages openness between rooms and can give a home a more “friendly” and inviting atmosphere. It also makes a house feel a lot more spacious, which can be helpful when dealing with small spaces.

Matte Exteriors

With matte finishes gaining in popularity in the interior design realm, seen in tapware and sinks, it is now extending to exterior building trends.

This year, we will be seeing an increase in matte roofing and siding. Even in the strong summer sun, matte finishes such as the new Colourbond steel Matt range are great as they are proven to endure the elements and stay looking fresh a lot longer than other finishes.

As 2018 progresses, we are sure to see more style trends emerge.

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