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How Much Does It Really Cost To

Starting your building journey can be both exciting and daunting, filled with dreams of creating your perfect home and the concerns of budget overruns and project feasibility.

RoomFour recognises these challenges and offers a unique solution through our Build Cost Estimate service.

We dive deep into your project’s specifics, assessing every crucial factor to provide a realistic and comprehensive cost estimation. This ensures your dream home becomes a reality, safeguarded against unexpected expenses and grounded in financial viability, setting the foundation for a successful building journey.

By establishing clarity from the outset, you are setting your project on a streamlined path. This reduces uncertainties, anxieties, and potential roadblocks as you transition from the planning phase to actual construction.


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Lay The Right Foundations With A Build Cost Estimate

A Build Cost Estimate lays the foundations of your building project. Whether you are looking for a new custom build, heritage home renovation or home extension, this initial construction estimate is a crucial factor to determine your project’s viability and success potential.

Tackling a Return Brief & Build Cost Estimate and Feasibility & Sketch Design effectively address and mitigates the four primary concerns most homeowners grapple with. 

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Cost Control

Protect yourself from unexpected budget escalations by ensuring your project stays within your limits.

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Time Management

Streamline your project timeline, balancing your busy lifestyle with the demands of homebuilding.

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Find Clarity

With our expert guidance, the complex world of construction becomes clear and manageable.

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Irreversible mistakes

With a clear roadmap and accurate information you can make informed choices you won't regret.

Precision Planning: Our Three-Step Guide to a Custom Build

Our 3 step process is designed to address concerns about cost, time, and the unknown, guiding you to a successful project outcome with confidence and clarity.

Step 1

Book A Discovery Call

Our process begins with a discovery call to learn more about your home renovation and building goals and if we will be a good fit.

Step 2

Return Brief & Cost Estimate

This involves a site visit with our Director and experienced architect. We create a detailed Return Brief to understand your needs and vision, leading to a Build Cost Estimate that outlines the financial aspects of your project.

Step 3

Feasability Study & Design Sketch

We then conduct a Feasibility Study & Sketch Design to ensure your dream aligns with practical and regulatory considerations.

Want To Learn More About Our Build Cost Estimate Process?

Stage 1: Return Brief & Build Cost Estimate

This includes an onsite visit with our experienced builder and architect where we deliver a free return brief and build cost estimate. BOOK YOUR WORKSHOP TODAY.

At RoomFour, we understand that every great building project begins with a clear vision. Our Return Brief process is designed to capture your unique needs, desires, and lifestyle, setting the stage for a successful build. This initial step is not just about gathering ideas; it’s about forming a foundation for a precise Build Cost Estimate that aligns with your expectations.

Through our Return Brief, we delve deep into your vision. We explore your preferences, functional needs, and aesthetic desires. This comprehensive understanding allows us to provide you with an accurate and realistic Build Cost Estimate, ensuring that your dream project stays within your financial comfort zone.

Following the Return Brief, we present a tailored Build Cost Estimate. This crucial step protects you from unexpected budget escalations, giving you a clear financial picture from the outset. It’s about making informed decisions and setting your project on a path to success.

Book a Discovery Call for your Return Brief and take the first step towards realising your dream home with confidence and clarity.

Stage 2: Feasibility Study & Sketch Design

Entering Stage 2 involves the delivery of the Feasibility Study and Sketch Design services which are provided at a cost.

The journey from a dream to a tangible design begins with our Feasibility and Sketch Design process. At RoomFour, we blend creativity with practicality, ensuring that your vision is not just beautiful but also viable.

Our Feasibility study is a deep dive into the potential of your project. We assess site conditions, regulatory requirements, and budget constraints. This phase is about navigating the unknowns and setting a solid foundation for your design.

Informed by the Feasibility study, our Sketch Design phase is where your vision starts taking a physical form. Collaborating closely with you and our talented architects, we create initial design concepts that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and aligned with the feasibility insights.

This integrated approach ensures that every design decision is informed by practical considerations. It’s about harmonizing your desires with the realities of building, creating a design that is both inspiring and achievable.

Explore our Feasibility and Sketch Design Services and take the next step in transforming your vision into a well-planned, beautiful reality.

Work With An Experienced Melbourne Builder From Concept To Completion

With over two decades of experience, we not only bring your dream home to life but also ensure it adds real financial value. Our approach avoids negative equity, focusing on sustainable investment in your future.

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Fast & Reliable Build Cost Estimation

We deliver accurate and prompt project estimates, enabling you to save time and make well-informed decisions. Gain the confidence to manage your finances with a clear understanding of your project costs. Throughout the design documentation process, we maintain transparent pricing, ensuring cost control and helping you assess the value of your selections.

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Full-Service Builder Integrated Design and Construction

With over 20 years of experience, we offer expert guidance and customised solutions for your unique designs and complex construction details. Our Design and Construct approach ensures client confidence, providing clear insights from design to construction. We focus on efficient designs to maximise your investment, ensuring control and certainty throughout your project

fixed price architect and building contract

Fixed Price Architect and Building Contract

No percentage-based fees here. Fixed pricing all the way. Our Architects provide a fixed cost for all designs and construction documentation. We use reputable industry association building contracts, ensuring confidence, reliability and transparency, which is simple and easy to understand.

Our Consultation Process in Action: A Case Study

Dive into a real-world example of how our Build Cost Estimate & Return Brief and Feasibility & Sketch Design was undertaken for a home renovation and extension project in Kew.

THE RESULT: Our client gained a clear roadmap of their project and could move forward with confidence and clarity. Learn more below.

Working closely with the client and a talented architect, RoomFour was instrumental from the inception, ensuring that design, site conditions, and budget harmoniously intertwined.

Starting off, our client filled out a detailed questionnaire, setting the stage for a collaborative discussion. This led to an on-site visit to get a real feel for the potential of the space. With everything aligning, a Preliminary Agreement was put into place, committing to delivering a comprehensive Return Brief and Feasibility Study.

Our first task was navigating local council guidelines and assessing the property. On our site visit, we deep-dived into the client’s space needs, their budget, and lifestyle aims. These insights became our guiding light, ensuring the project stayed true to its vision, especially during decision-making moments, later on in the design process.

The outcome? Three thought-out layout sketches, each with a clear cost-estimate breakdown. We then sat down with the client and the architect, discussing the feasibility results and our proposed concepts.

Are you ready to start your home building and renovation journey? Take your first step with confidence and clarity.
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A Sample Feasibility Study

Take a look at a sample report that covers our client goals, sketches and a clear cost estimate breakdown. 

Walk away feeling confident you are getting what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of constructing an architectural home can significantly vary, often quoted per square meter. This variation primarily stems from the build’s complexity, influenced by both the site’s characteristics and the design’s intricacy. While finishes also affect the overall cost, their impact is generally less pronounced compared to the other factors. On average, the starting price for architectural homes is about $4,000 per square meter. However, for projects involving a) challenging sites, b) intricate designs, and c) premium finishes, costs can escalate to as much as $10,000 per square meter or more.

The cost comparison between renovating/extending and building a new home depends on various factors, including the scope of the renovation, the existing structure’s condition, and the level of customisation desired. Renovations and extensions can sometimes be more costly on a per square meter basis due to the complexities of integrating new designs with the existing structure, unforeseen challenges, and the meticulous work required to match the old with the new. However, building a new custom-built or architectural home involves the cost of new construction from the ground up, which can also be significant, especially for high-end, architecturally designed homes. In general, the decision should be based on the specific needs, the value added to the property, and the desired outcome rather than cost alone.

The cost of building a Passive House can vary widely, influenced by factors such as location, design complexity, and the materials and technologies used to meet the stringent Passive House standards. These standards require high levels of insulation, airtightness, and energy- efficient systems to significantly reduce the building’s ecological footprint. On average, building a Passive House may command a premium of about 10% to 20% over the cost of standard construction, depending on the specific requirements and finishes chosen. However, for higher-spec architectural homes, this difference can be as low as 3-5% because a significant portion of the budget is allocated to high-end finishes, making the premium for achieving Passive House standards less significant. 

This initial investment is often offset by the substantial savings in energy costs over the life of the home, making it a cost-effective choice in the long term. In general, high-performance or Passive House homes can start between $4000-$4500 per square meter, however this price can quite easily increase, where just like building any other home, with added complexities and more high-end, refined finishes.

Architects’ fees can vary widely based on the project’s complexity, the services provided, and the architect’s experience and reputation. Generally, architects charge in one of three ways: a fixed fee for the entire project, a percentage of the total construction costs (typically ranging from 8% to 15%), or an hourly rate for more consultative services. For residential projects, including custom homes and renovations, the percentage of construction costs is a common method. The exact percentage can depend on the project’s scale and complexity, with more intricate designs and higher-end projects possibly attracting higher fees. It’s important to discuss and agree upon the fee structure upfront to ensure clarity and alignment on expectations. 

At RoomFour, we predominantly offer a fixed-price service for our architectural projects, providing our clients with clear, upfront costs. On the odd occasion we may opt for a consultative basis or a percentage-based fee structure, depending on the services needed.

Hear What Our Client's Have To Say...

Kara Design and Consulting are architectural building designers and engineers. RoomFour has worked on numerous jobs of ours over the last few years. They are thorough in execution and reliable builders. We have done many site inspections and all works completed are as expected and as specified on the drawings. We highly recommend their services if you are seeking a builder in Melbourne. Keep up the great work team!
Nick Karafilovski
Nick Karafilovski
Peter & RoomFour team has been incredible to work with. We've worked in collaboration in the past and delivered amazing projects together. Quick responses & attention to detail has helped clients have good reassurance and trust with Peter. I would always recommend them as a builder. As an interior designer, it's always hard to find good builders to execute your design for you, but Roomfour has exceeded my expectations of quality & good craftmanship!
Osano Designs
Osano Designs
RoomFour renovated my entire existing home and constructed the extension to full specifications from my designer while guiding the transition from old to new. The quality is exceptional, I couldn’t be happier.
Zlate Josevski
Zlate Josevski
Peter and Michael from RoomFour were great to work with. They communicated well, were clear about what work would be done and were accommodating with allowing us to pay over the period of the build. Nice blokes too.
Tod Pedler
Tod Pedler
Peter really helped us with a great service for our new home, even though we had a few hiccups from our end, we got the job done to a high standard.
William Goff
William Goff
Couldn't be happier with my home extension. Professional job by the guys at Room Four.
Steven Wilcox
Steven Wilcox
Peter and the team have been so great throughout our entire renovation process. Incredibly friendly and proffesional, attention to detail was amazing and nothing was a problem. Thanks heaps guys! Highly recommend.
Mark Tasman
Mark Tasman
Peter went out of his way to help with the designs for our joinery and choose a finish that looked amazing all within our budget. The tradesmen on site were so helpful and friendly and took pride in their work. Could not be happier with the results.
Nicholas Billings
Nicholas Billings
The service provided by RoomFour was incredible from start to finish. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a home, kitchen or bathroom revamp in the Melbourne area.
Jayme Campbell
Jayme Campbell

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