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Welcome to RoomFour, your premier destination for custom built homes in Melbourne. We specialize in transforming dreams into reality, crafting luxury custom homes that match your unique vision and lifestyle.  Our custom home construction process is thorough and meticulous, with a strong emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations. Please refer to Our Process further information on this.

Making an informative decision.

We know that building a new home is a major investment, and we’re committed to providing clear, transparent information about custom-built home costs. We work with you to develop a detailed, comprehensive budget that takes into account all aspects of the building process, ensuring there are no surprises along the way.

Building a unique home for you.

At RoomFour, we believe that a home should be as unique as the person who lives in it. That’s why we offer bespoke home building services, working closely with each client to create a home that perfectly suits their needs and tastes. Our skilled team bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to quality to each project, ensuring a seamless building process and exceptional results.

In addition to creating stunning, tailor-made homes, we also focus on sustainability. We understand the importance of caring for our environment, which is why we offer sustainable custom homes designed to reduce energy usage and environmental impact. Our energy-efficient custom homes not only help you live a greener lifestyle, they can also lead to significant savings on your energy bills.

Unleashing Potential: Transforming Slopes and Basements

At RoomFour, we understand the importance of optimising every space in your home, be it above or below ground. We see the potential where others see challenges. For properties with sloping terrains, we unleash the possibilities of unique architectural designs, while for basements, we carve out new functional spaces that heighten your living experience.

Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation ensures our slope and basement constructions are not only structurally sound but also add significant value and aesthetic appeal. Engage RoomFour for your slope and basement constructions, and let us help you redefine the potential of your property.

Basements: Maximizing Value in Hidden Spaces

Often underappreciated in design discussions, basement construction demands meticulous planning and precision execution. At RoomFour, we recognise the potential of basement spaces and handle each stage of their construction with care, from excavation to build. We transform basements into practical, valuable additions to your home. Imagine a cutting-edge home theatre, a spacious gym, or a tranquil home office nestled within your home’s footprint. We navigate the nuances of basement construction, paving the way for unique, functional spaces that significantly enhance your home’s value and practicality.

Mastering Slopes: Innovation Meets Elevation

Building on sloping blocks presents unique challenges that require a deep technical understanding and experience. At RoomFour, we have mastered the art of navigating these complexities, transforming sloping terrains into aesthetic and functional masterpieces. Regardless of the steepness of your terrain, our creative team crafts bespoke designs that optimise your property’s value and functionality.

By harnessing elements of light, height, and aspect, we ensure your home on a sloping block harmonises with its surroundings, offering stunning views. In mastering the complexities of angles and drainage, we turn challenges into opportunities, creating homes that maximise potential and space.

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Frequently asked questions

At RoomFour we specialise in custom homes. Our speciality is building detailed and complex builds.

A time frame for custom home builds is all dependent on scope, size, build quality and complexity of design.  At RoomFour, from the early stages we can provide a close approximation of the time frame needed to complete your home build, along with reasoning as to why your project requires that designated time.  Prior to construction, RoomFour also produce a detailed timeline which your Project Manager will keep you informed of on a regular basis.

At RoomFour, we are bound by The Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 (Vic) which is required by all Victorian Registered Building Practitioners and must supply a statutory warranty which lasts for 10 years from the date of practical completion.

At RoomFour we have a team of architects and designers along with a team of other consultants and professionals that can provide a complete range of building design and interior design to facilitate all manner of custom home builds.  We manage every aspect of the process with the collaboration of our designers and consultants. 

For a custom build home, you will always need a Building Permit at the very least, issued by a Registered Building Surveyor.  Some plots of land will have zoning and overlays which will also require council approval, which in turn will require a planning permit, i.e., the land could be in a flood plain zone which will need council approval along with the local water authority.  At RoomFour, we provide a full comprehensive design service which will ensure we adhere to all the local council guidelines, Residential Code and Building Codes, providing a full turnkey solution from site analysis to handover.

The cost of a custom build home can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, materials used and other factors, i.e., level of the land and complexity of the designs.  To provide a price indication, projects on the lower scale call on standard configurations, structures and materials that are readily available, with installation of these finishes and materials in line with industry standards. This level of project sits at approx. $2,500 + GST per square metre and can still be architecturally designed.

Mid-tier projects with architecturally de- signed features and more luxurious specifications can often range between $3,500 + GST and $4,500 + GST per square metre.  Meanwhile highly specified projects that are embellished with the finer materials and finishes can cost anywhere from $5000 + GST to $10,000 + GST per square metre.  Note that these figures are for the build only. Items to be considered additional to these are site preparedness, demolition, technologies, basements, slopes, swimming pools and landscaping costs.

Building costs less than $2,000 per square metre could be reached, however this cost would be without professional design – architecturally and interior – and could result in subpar outcomes. It’s important to do thorough research on all builders – mass, independent and their qualification levels.

These figures should only be used as an indicative guide as every custom home build is unique and no two homes are ever the same.

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