Custom Built Homes

Creating and constructing.

From our knock down rebuild construction service to custom builds, we are able to create homes that are beautifully executed in both form and function. Starting with an initial consultation, all the way to complete project management, we are wedded to process and precision.

Our four key phases that deliver on this include consultation; scope; planning and scheduling; and construction.

Consultation Here, we meet with you (and your architect if you already have one) to discuss the vision for the build, understanding the site, potential floor plans and project expectations. We talk arrangements, budgets and most excitingly, we talk goals and inspirations. If an architect isn’t yet on your radar, we work with a network of architects and designers that could realise that vision.
Scope Immersion into the detail is typical during this stage of work. We visit the site, begin to price and plan for different arrangements and develop a project map to guide the build.
Planning & Scheduling Upon agreement of the scope of work, we focus on acquiring all regulatory permits and commence scheduling all elements of the build – from the structural requirements to interior finishes and fit-offs. Once this is agreed to, we engage our project team and trades to confirm timings.
Construction This is where our trusted trades deliver the highest quality services and craftsmanship. We complete any demolition and construction needs and fit off your interiors in line with our agreements. This is where we bring life to your home.

To learn more about what we do, please get in touch.