ECI and Prelim Agreements

Streamline the building process

Building a new home is a lengthy yet rewarding process, with lots of moving parts and involved parties. Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and Preliminary Agreements looks to streamline the initial stages of the project, reducing the back and forth between everyone involved and ensuring a clear plan and timeline throughout.

Early contractor involvement

An ECI agreement is a great way to ensure that all involved parties – engineer, architect, interior designer, builder and client – are on the same page from the very initial stages of a building project. Prior to the building work commencing, we work collaboratively with the relevant teams, offering guidance on design, budgets, timelines and construction approaches. This means you’ll start your project with a design that’s been considered and approved by both the design and build partners, realistic timelines and budgets and clear risk mitigation strategies. Most importantly, everyone will be on the same page when it comes to creating your dream home.

Preliminary agreements

Preliminary agreements cover works that might need to be completed prior to signing a building contract, such as obtaining planning permission, initial tests for soil and engineering, or even drawing up plans and specifications for the renovation or construction of a custom home. These can be especially useful with a renovation, as it allows our team to scope out the existing home and make any adjustments to plans to ensure a seamless design. It also results in a more accurate building contract, as we will have all the data to make informed decisions about how long the build will take and any additional work that needs to be completed throughout the project.

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