Hot Tips for Your Modern-Industrial Kitchen Renovation

The modern-industrial kitchen is a style that has been gaining momentum in recent years. It offers a distinct and personalised look, mixing together raw textures to add a rustic feel to your living space. If the modern-industrial kitchen design is something that appeals to you, read on to learn our style tips for creating an industrial look with a modern twist in your next kitchen renovation.

Cutting Edge Kitchen Makeover Must-Haves

The key to designing the perfect modern-industrial kitchen is to bring together a number of very different elements to create a unique, yet unified look.

The must-have elements that we recommend to create the foundation for your design are: concrete, stainless steel, timber, brick and exposed materials. You can opt for a variety of antiques, natural materials and modern man-made elements to create this look.

Texture, Texture, Texture

It’s all about textures in the modern-industrial kitchen, i.e. from the walls to the furnishings and from raw materials to manufactured items. Think rustic, worn down, heavy-duty and unfinished as key components of the modern-industrial kitchen. We suggest using a combination of many different industrial textures. Certainly the more the better.

Some common textures to consider using are:

  • Metals – for your bench stools, hardware and lighting
  • Tiles – subway tiles are a great way to add a modern twist to the industrial look
  • Exposed brick walls
  • Authentic wood beams – incorporated into your island bench or ceiling fixtures
  • Concrete benchtops or floors

Having a number of industrial elements can make your kitchen feel uninviting. We recommend incorporating multiple wood elements, as well as cosy decorations and seating to warm your space up.

Modern industrial kitchen renovation with exposed brick

Square Edges

If you take some time to look through inspirational classic industrial buildings, you’ll notice the popular use of square edges. To stay true to this look, keep bench tops and cupboards simple with squared edges. To soften up the room you can decorate with some round pot plants or a round statement wall clock.

Colour is Key

The industrial atmosphere includes natural elements of a building with neutral tones. Try to keep this in mind when choosing your colour scheme for your kitchen renovation. We suggest keeping it monochrome with very little bright or bold colour.

A colour scheme involving white, black and greys are a great combination to create that modern-industrial appearance. These colours contrast very well with the warmth provided from your wood elements.

When it comes to your hardware colour, opting for black can be a good choice, as it is a common element of the industrial look. Also, using black-framed windows will keep your kitchen true to its inspiration.

Less is More

To stay true to the origins of the industrial look, remember that less is often more. Industrial-modern kitchens tend to have a very clutter-free and open look. We suggest incorporating open-shelving into your design plan to help achieve this.

Compared to a cosy country kitchen that often has rugs and decorations galore. We suggest keeping it simple to achieve that sought-after authentic modern, industrial atmosphere.


When it comes to lighting, basic is better. We recommend choosing lights that are quite modest, like those you would see in an old factory.

Hanging warm-toned light bulbs is a great option for the modern-industrial look.
Classic Edison light bulbs or pipe lights will really help you achieve the right atmosphere. Alternatively, using simple antique lighting is another great option.

It is also important to take advantage of any natural light available in the room to create a spacious, open atmosphere as seen in most industrial buildings!

industrial style renovated kitchen lights

Let’s Decorate

When it comes to choosing the décor for your kitchen, you can use a mix of contemporary and industrial pieces. The textures and materials used in the design process often come into play for decorations as well.

Distressed furniture, a stainless steel bar with S hooks for hanging pots and utensils, black aluminium fittings, a blackboard wall, open storage and overhead pot racks are just some of the essentials.

Anything vintage can also be a great addition to decorate your kitchen.

Last but not least, the classic pull-down industrial-style faucet is a great finishing touch to complete the look.

Over to You!

We hope these ideas will help you style your modern-industrial kitchen.

If you are in the market for a kitchen renovation, the team at RoomFour will work alongside you to discuss your design ideas and help create your dream modern-industrial kitchen.

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