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How to Brighten Up Any Home

Sometimes the shape of your property, the direction it is facing or its surroundings will hinder the amount of light that is let in your home. But thankfully, there are always ways to work around this. In fact, there are many solutions to help bring light in and brighten things up, from the architecture of the house to the design and décor process.

So in your next new build or renovation with RoomFour, keep these tips in mind for bringing in maximum light and brightening up your home – no matter the location.



We highly recommend skylights to our clients for many reasons. They are easily one of the best ways to brighten up any room, no matter the home’s location, the direction it is facing or positioning on a property. Would you believe they provide nearly three times the amount of light than a vertical window!

Even on an overcast day, the amount of natural light brought into a room from a skylight is phenomenal. Plus, not only do they distribute light evenly but they can also help you save on energy costs.

Skylights are particularly great on inner rooms that have no exterior walls and therefore have no option for windows– such as in an internal bathroom. Try installing a long narrow skylight in the roof above your bathroom vanity to bring in plenty of natural light over the mirror – the makeup wearers will thank you.


Clerestory Windows

Another great option to consider during the design and building process that can help bring more light into your home is to install clerestory windows.

What exactly are clerestory windows? They are a row of narrow windows that run along the very top of a wall where it meets the roofline, typically along an entire wall or across multiple walls.

This type of window is perfect for illuminating a room while keeping the walls below free for shelving or décor– particularly if they are north-facing as they receive twice the amount of sun in our Australian winters.

Talk to your architect during the planning stage to see where clerestory windows would work well in the layout of your home.

Window Splashback

If you are lucky enough to have your kitchen lie on an outer wall of the home, you have the option to install a window in place of your splashback. This will bring generous light into your cooking space. Window splashbacks also double as a great view into your garden so be sure to plant lots of greenery to attract the eye.

While some may think glass splashbacks will easily show splatters and grease, the eye will actually be drawn straight outside, looking past any slights spots you may have missed wiping down. Just be sure to invest in a squeegee for easy clean ups!

If you are designing a new home from the ground up, it is important to highlight this as an important feature to you early in the process with your architect, so they are able to design it efficiently into your floor plans.

High Ceilings

When building a new home or adding an extension, opting for high ceilings can not only make a space feel bigger but therefore also make things feel lighter. When paired with larger windows, you will be able to make the most of the extra wall space and bring in more light than a low, dark room.


Floor-to-Ceiling Windows And Doors

Installing floor-to-ceiling windows will take an entire wall and turn it into a beautiful light feature. While this may not be practical in all rooms of the home, it can be a great option in bedrooms that lie on the second story or living spaces below. Just be sure to pair them with quality window coverings such as roll-down blackout blinds for privacy reasons. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors can be great leading out to a balcony or the backyard to create a smooth indoor-to-outdoor flow.

This space shown below, designed by our team at RoomFour, brings in maximum light by using floor-to-ceiling glass panel doors. Paired with a window splashback in the kitchen, we were able to brighten up the entire living/dining area.


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Window Coverings

To allow in maximum sunlight in the daytime, we recommend opting for light neutral coloured decorative curtains that will keep things airy, soft and allow in the outside light.

However, privacy in the evening is important, so light or neutral coloured blackout curtains are a great option, especially in the bedroom.


Mirrors not only act as décor but they also help amplify natural light. Large mirrors are great – especially in bathrooms – for making a small space feel larger than it really is. This is because they will reflect light in all the right spaces.

They even have the ability double the amount of sunlight in a space, so if you are able to, pair a large mirror over the vanity with a skylight above the shower and your bathroom will be light and bright until the sun goes down.

Stick to the Power of White Paint

Paint will always be one of the simplest (and most affordable) fixes for brightening up a home. Never underestimate the power of a classic white painted wall. They are known for making spaces feel more open and significantly bigger. In fact, you can stick to any light, neutral colour and you’ll be surprised how much brighter your home will appear just by lightening up the walls. Check out Dulux’s website for some tips on the most popular whites and neutrals for the home.

This is an easy solution to a house that is already completed but just needs a little bit of work to lighten things up.

Let there be light!

We hope that these few tips can help you brighten up your home and enjoy it for many years to come.

If you are looking for a quality builder to create the home of your dreams, RoomFour will work with you from start to finish to build your family a home that suits all your individual needs.

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