Our Process

Realising your dream home

At RoomFour, we understand and appreciate the importance of delivering a personalised home for each of our clients. There is not one size fits all solution, and our team is dedicated to guiding you through an enjoyable construction experience. From quote to planning and building – we ensure complete transparency and clarity at every stage.

#1.1 Initial Inquiry and Discovery Call

Once we receive your inquiry, we send you out a questionnaire which provides us with important information about your project.  This questionnaire assists us in tailoring the best solution for you and your project, as every client and project is unique.  We then engage in a Discovery Call with you.  Here we review the questionnaire and delve deeper into your project, which sets the stage for the upcoming phases of your building journey.

#1.2 Consultation and Inspection

We will arrange an on-site meeting to thoroughly discuss your construction requirements. This visit includes a comprehensive site inspection to assess specific needs and conditions. Based on our findings, we then assign a dedicated architect or interior designer, who will finalise your project's plans and specifications. Once we have gathered this information a Proposal will be provided, either for pre-construction documentation or a cost analysis/quote.  A realistic and accurate estimation for your project is provided, with or without existing plans and specifications.  Based on this estimation you can make an informed decision for your project.  

Do you have detailed plans and specifications, already? You can move to stage 3.1.

#1.3 Feasibility and Sketch Design

This is the foundation stage and the most important part of your design process.  It will help you understand your goals, what you want to achieve, what your cost will be and a full analysis of your project, along with Preliminary hand sketches will be provided.  Click here to find out more on 'Build Cost Estimate'.

#2 Your Vision to Design

This is where the designers will start to work their magic and the project begins to take shape. The designs are developed through a staged process. RoomFour will collaboratively review the designs through these stages to also assist in the development of the designs, factoring in buildability and cost savings, into your project designs. Click here to find out more on ‘Architectural Services’.

#3.1 Pre-Construction - Final selections

In this pre-construction stage, final selections such as stone and appliances are made. Our consultants are wrapping up their documentation, while the building surveyor reviews the plans for the imminent building permit approval, setting a solid foundation for the construction phase.

#3.2 Detailed Proposal Stage

Now that we have prepared all the documentation and final selections have been made, RoomFour can price the project accurately. You, the client, will receive a complete breakdown of everything included in the quote and clarity will be given on all inclusions.

#4 Construction

We provide a timeline for every stage of construction from start to handover. We will also hold regular meetings with you to view progress as your home is brought to life.

#5 Handover

At completion, we will arrange a final inspection walkthrough of your home. You will receive all necessary documents and warranties from our team.

#6 Continued Support

After your project is complete, we will schedule a 3-month and a 12-month follow-up inspection from the date of completion to reassess and ensure everything continues to meet our high standards.  A representative from our team will revisit your home to conduct a thorough review and inspection, identifying any maintenance needs that may arise, whether obvious or not.

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