Renovating & Cost Blowout

Expecting the Unexpected: Renovation Cost Blowouts

When planning to renovate it is easy to believe that by simply allocating a budget, forming a timeline and having an idea of what you want to do, that things will run smoothly. Unfortunately, more often than not – this is not the case.

Just like you wouldn’t try and perform dental work yourself, fix your own car without any experience or make a valuation on your house, the same can be said for renovating your home.

When considering any type of renovation, you should look at getting an expert on board, right from the start to help with your home, bathroom or kitchen planning process. This will help mitigate cost blowouts and ensure your renovation runs smoothly.

This article looks at the unexpected costs associated with home, bathroom and kitchen renovations, highlighting the areas which people often overlook that result in unforeseen costs. We also look at problems people run into with when managing their own renovation and how having a renovation specialist can help the process run smoothly giving you the results you’re looking for.


Unexpected Costs

Cost blowouts are a homeowner’s worst nightmare when it comes to renovating. They can leave you out of pocket or stuck in the middle of a renovation, without the money to finish the project.

Here are some of the more common reasons people experience cost blowout during the renovation process:

• Upgrades to electrical work, if the house is old and needs rewiring
• Fixing previous work that wasn’t done correctly
• Structural upgrades to comply with building regulations
• Costs for corrections e.g. moving plumbing, miscalculating materials or relaying tiles

Below we have broken down some of the common issues that cause the cost of renovating to extend beyond the budget line.


Adding Exterior Walls

Something that is often overlooked when renovating or extending your home is the additional external walls that need to be added. When hiring your own builders, it is common for these to be left out in building quotes, resulting in a not-so-nice surprise come billing time.

Using renovation experts who have their own experienced registered builders will ensure you have transparency and understand how much your renovation is costing, before the work is carried out.


Running into Electrical Issues

When it comes to installing electrical components in your home, a lot of builders tend to include the bare minimum requirements in the allocated budget.

This can be done to persuade you on the low price, without disclosing the extras that will pop up during the renovation.

Builders might only budget for one power point per room when you’re looking to have at least two.

It is important to ensure that the builder you’re working with is fair and discloses the necessary information. Small things that you assume will be included may not be and this is where it is important to have the experience of an expert on board.


Changes to the original plan

On the surface, it may appear that changing the details in your original plan are of minor consequence and won’t require much additional work, however, these minor changes can have a ripple effect, causing issues and additional costs further down the renovation.

By changing simple detail, such as the location of a light, affects the placement of electrical cords running through the roof, which may require the room to be altered to hold the weight of the light.

By working with a renovation professional, they can offer guidance about what is possible within your scope of works and realistic work-arounds and alternatives.


Low Quality Materials, Fittings and Finishes

An area where people tend to run into issues is with low durable and low quality materials, fittings and finishes. Often, products are chosen based on low price, however these may wear quickly and need replacing, often at the expense of the home owner.

When carrying out your renovation, it is always better to think how each decision will affect your home in the long run. Having a renovation expert on board will ensure you are being supplied with informative options on the best materials, fitting and fixtures that not only look good but will also stand the test of time.

Renovation specialists such as RoomFour ensure that all products used include product warranties, keeping you covered if anything goes wrong.


Unavailable Materials & Products

Sometimes materials you wanted to use for your renovations are unavailable or may appear highly overpriced.

Renovation professionals have excellent relationships set up with their suppliers and can usually source products and materials which are more difficult for the DIY builder to obtain, quite often at a better price as well.


Floor Plan Changes

When making changes to the floor plan, you need to ensure that the amount quoted includes all of the additional work that will be carried out as a result of this. Additional tasks that result in changes to floor plans can include:

– Moving the plumbing within the bathroom, or kitchen
– Knocking out walls to allow larger rooms, or open planned living areas.

It is important to have a breakdown of what each change involved in your renovation entails and that it is all covered under the quote you have been provided.


Choosing a Renovation Specialist

By choosing to partner with a reputable team of renovation specialists such as RoomFour, you can be assured that your renovation will be built using durable products and materials, designed professionally to look chic and increase the value of your home, and importantly, that there are no unexpected costs and blowouts. Leaving you with a home renovation that you can be proud of.

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