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Spruce up your Space with a Feature Wall

Looking for some ideas to help you spruce up your space for the new year ahead? What better way than with a feature wall.

Feature walls are all about drawing the eye and making a statement. Adding a bold pop of colour or new texture to one wall in a room is an easy way to change up the whole atmosphere of a room.

The great thing about feature walls is that the design options are endless, and they can work in just about any room in the house. They give a space some personality and flair, and may just be what you need to give your home the refresh it needs.

We’ve come up with some tips to help you design the perfect feature wall.

Go For Classic Paint

One of the simplest ways to refresh a room is by giving one wall a new face with a few coats of paint. This is an easy DIY and great for those who are just stepping foot into the world of home design.

Of course, colour choices and varieties of paint are endless nowadays, so you will have lots to choose from. We recommend choosing a paint colour that will both stand out and complement the rest of the room, including your styling and decorations.

Be Bold

A feature wall doesn’t have to just mean a few coats of paint. Why not think about using wallpaper or a textured surface to create a statement? After all, they don’t call it a “feature” for nothing.

Go for bold, graphic wallpaper to make a dramatic modern statement, or opt for interior white-coloured cladding for a more traditional look.

Think About Your Colour Schemes

It’s important to really consider your colour scheme when creating your room’s focal feature, as it will have a big impact on how the room feels.

Warm and natural colours are great for common living spaces like the lounge room and dining room, to liven things without making the room feel busy.

While black is great choice for a modern look, too much of it on your walls can create a dark, gloomy interior (which nobody wants!). If you’re drawn to the darkside we recommend opting for one dark wall in one of the more cozy rooms of your home.

For more help thinking about how colours will make a room feel, Houzz discusses the best colours to paint a bedroom.

Which rooms?

Of course, not every room in your home needs or should have a feature wall.

Some rooms may already have an eye-catching feature such as high ceilings with wood beams or a large skylight, and don’t need competing focal points.

We suggest choosing a few rooms (or one to start) that need a bit of a refresh, and targeting those.

Which wall?

It’s not all about choosing the biggest wall in your room, but rather the best.

The wall you select as a feature wall will often depend on the structure and layout of the room you are using. If there is one wall that is already eye-catching – such as a tall wall with a vaulted ceiling – you’ll want to choose that wall so you aren’t creating competing features, which could make things too busy.

For example, in a bedroom, if you want to keep the eye on your beautiful bed head, a simple painted feature wall behind the bedhead will help maintain one central focus.

Home Theatre Room

For those who have an in-home theatre room, or a cozy TV room itching for a face-lift, we suggest painting a feature wall with a dark paint and flat finish, like Dulux’s Theatre Black. A dark colour makes the perfect backdrop for cozy spaces where the TV is the focus and you want minimal light reflection.

For the Little Ones

Kids love colour, so why not opt for a pop of colour in your kid’s bedrooms or toy room? You could colour coordinate with their bedspread and decorations, or even ask your kids for their favourite colour and design them a little surprise.

Another easy feature wall option is to paint your kids a chalkboard wall. This will provide your kids with endless entertainment and will make them feel like they’ve got a brand-new space.

Feature Bathroom Tiles

If your bathroom is feeling a bit dull, and you’re open to a bigger project, why not create a beautiful feature tile wall in your bathroom.

We recommend a fresh wall of focal tiles to complement your current colour scheme, on the wall behind your benchtop or walk in shower walls.

Take it away

We hope these tips have given you some ideas and inspiration for designing your own feature walls so that you can spruce up your space this summer. Get ready for jaws to drop and conversation to ignite when your guests spot your new feature walls.

We understand that revamping your home can be a big commitment. So if you are in the market for a home renovation, feel free to get in touch with the team at RoomFour for some expert renovation and design help.



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