Take Your Kitchen & Living Outdoors This Summer

It’s that time of year again, the days are getting hotter and the evenings are staying warmer for longer.

To help you make the most of your outdoor living space this summer, we have come up with a few insider tips to make the transition from indoors to outdoors, easy and enjoyable.

Think Outdoor Cooking, Think BBQ

We think it’s fair to say that when Aussies think of cooking outdoors, we think BBQs.
There is nothing like relaxing outside, enjoying the weather and entertaining guests around the BBQ. This also keeps the cook happy, as they aren’t left stuck indoors while everyone enjoys the sun outside.

Along with the BBQ, we also recommend investing in an outdoor mini fridge or esky, to keep the drinks cold and on hand.
If your outdoor area doesn’t have a Barbie yet, now is definitely the time to get one.

Check out the BBQs over at e&s for a great range of outdoor cooking options.

Outdoor Cooking Space

The Outdoor Dining Table

Being able to cook food outside is great! But if nobody has anywhere to sit and eat, you’re left back inside while the sun’s still shining.

Introducing an outdoor dining table is essential for creating a functional outdoor living area, allowing you to enjoy breakfast, lunches and evening meals outdoors.

Outdoor dining tables are also great for doubling as a kitchen bench, when preparing meals outside or serving food platters.

Add Comfort & Colour With Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating is essential for adding decoration and comfort to your outdoor area. If working with a smaller space, you may opt for simple dining chairs around the table, with some cushions to add colour and comfort.

For those with the luxury of added space, we recommend adding a sofa, sun lounger or our personal favourite – the hammock.

When deciding which materials are best, you can’t go wrong with the following:

Synthetic resin wicker furniture, as it’s lightweight, modern and low-maintenance. Works well in smaller spaces.

Teak, for any wooden furniture due to its durability, low maintenance and stunning appearance.

For metal furniture – aluminium is our pick. If seeking a more rustic look, wrought iron outdoor furniture looks great and will be sure to last the test of time.

Add Some Life & Colour With Plants

Adding plants is a great way to enhance the look of your outdoor living area, contributing a fresh and visually appealing element to your space.
Use decorative planters and flower boxes to add colour and vibrancy to your space.

Jazz Up Your Outdoor Lighting

Adding lighting is an incredibly easy way to make a big impact on the look and feel of your outdoor space. This means you can enjoy your new outdoor living area, after the sun goes down.

There are many lighting options available, for decorating both large and small spaces, we recommend using string lighting, which always looks good! Focus the lighting on the kitchen and cooking spots, as well as seating and railings.

For more info on outdoor lighting, check out this great article from Better Homes & Garden.

Renovation decorations

Stay Warmer For Longer With Outdoor Heating

While we can usually count on summer to keep us warm outdoors, there are definitely those times when the weather doesn’t pull through and it gets a bit chilly.

That’s where outdoor heating comes in!

When considering which outdoor heating is best for you, there are a few different options – what works for you will depend on the location of your outdoor living space, budget, functionality & level of maintenance.


Wood Fireplace: When it comes to keeping warm, nothing beats the open fireplace. If you’re looking for something permanent, and your space and budget allow it, a built in fireplace looks great and can add either a rustic or modern look depending on your style and design. If looking for something a bit smaller and price friendly, there are plenty of portable fire bowls and chimeneas available which look great, and keep you warm when the temperature goes down.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace: Easy to use and easy to maintain. If you’re looking to stay warm, and want to avoid the upkeep of a fireplace, gas fireplaces are a great option. They are cheap to run and come in a range of designs and different styles to suit your space.

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are very affordable – usually running on either gas or electricity. They come in a wide range of designs and are easy to use and set up. If you’re looking for a heat source which is easy to maintain and can fit in smaller spaces, the patio heater could be the right choice for you.

Outdoor Heating

For more information on outdoor heating options, click here to check out the outdoor heating article, from Better Homes & Gardens.

Over To You!

With a great outdoor living area, we can guess your house is going to be the go-to place this summer.
We hope these tips can help you enhance your outdoor living area, so that you can bring your kitchen and living outside.

If you are in the market for a home renovation, the team at RoomFour will work alongside you to discuss your design ideas and help create your dream outdoor living area.

You can contact us on 1300 0 ROOM4 (1300 076 664), visit our showroom at 334 Williamstown Road in Yarraville (and soon to open showroom in Kew) or click here to enquire online. Our friendly renovation consultants would love to hear from you!