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The Art of Modern Minimalism: Designing Your Dream Home with RoomFour

The Art of Modern Minimalism: Designing Your Dream Home with RoomFour

All of us understand there are many benefits to being organised, and when it comes to our home, knowing where things are makes life that much easier! Building on this trend is minimalism, where people are embracing both minimalist design and practicality and choosing to live with less.

Rather than focussing on possessions, minimalism celebrates experiences and embraces efficiency, paring back what we physically have and allowing us to be mindful about the way we live and what we do every day.

Read on to find out how your home can become a minimalist sanctuary.

Functionality and design

In a minimalist home, functionality and design work together to create serene and calm spaces. Each design element has a function – floor to ceiling flat cabinetry creates an entire wall of storage; textured walls create visual anchors which take no space; and monochromatic colours bring simple sophistication and style.

Natural Materials

Timber takes centre stage in a minimalist home, and not only in flooring. Boards and plywood on ceilings bring warmth to any space, and slatted timber walls play with light and create rooms within rooms.

Natural stone works on walls, floors, and benchtops, bringing a relaxing ambience to all areas of the home.

Quality finishes

Minimalist design invests in quality – there are fewer physical elements and therefore your budget can be spent on the ones you do choose to include.

Custom cabinetry can fit the exact specifications of the kitchen, wardrobes, and wet areas. Bathrooms can become havens with floating marble benchtops and statement baths. Laundries can include built-in washer dryers and hidden clothes airers.

Air and light

Minimalist living celebrates nature, and you can merge your home to its surrounds with natural light and air flow.

Atrium ceilings and indoor courtyards allow both light and fresh air to fill spaces, creating beautiful built environments, while high and low windows allow light and air to play in unexpected places.

Disappearing acts

Pocket doors are taken a step further in minimalist homes with retracting internal walls, where study nooks open to extend the living areas. Floor to ceiling glass doors cleverly fold away to open up interior spaces to the outdoors.

Tailored storage with built in under-bed compartments are a gamechanger for teenage bedrooms, and master suite walk-in-robes extend to the ceiling to close off clutter.

Pared back outdoor living

Courtyards and terraces become focal points of minimalist living because they invite you outside to enjoy the natural elements.

Sandstone pavers and timber decking bring nature to your garden, and when combined with architectural plants, you have an instantly stylised and minimalist alfresco area to entertain and retreat to.

Built in outdoor dining settings can be used to create clever terracing, and architectural fire pit areas allow you to enjoy your space year-round.

At RoomFour, we are committed to creating the lifestyle you want by designing and building your dream home. With experience and knowledge in sustainable and minimalist living, we would love to talk with you about what you have in mind for your new custom home.

Contact us today and let’s get started.