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5 Reasons Why Polished Concrete Should Be Your Next Flooring Choice

While concrete may have once been seen as industrial and cold, it has become one of the hottest modern trends in flooring. Open up any home magazine or visit any architecture blog– you’re sure to see some polished concrete floors.

With so many different colour options and levels of gloss and exposure, not only are the possibilities for your home endless — but the benefits are too.

We thought we would highlight 5 reasons why polished concrete should be your next flooring choice.

Durable and Sustainable

When choosing a flooring choice for your dream home, you will want to select a material that is strong and made to last. Concrete is known for its longevity and its ability to last a lifetime—literally. Due to the nature of the flooring, you won’t find yourself needing to redo your flooring every 10 years as you would with other materials.

Hand in hand with durability is the fact that polished concrete is virtually knick and stain free. So if a glass of red wine is dropped in the kitchen, you won’t have to worry that you’ve stained your tile grout or that you took a chip out of your timber. Your clean up will be stress-free and simple, with no marking or evidence left behind.

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of a polished concrete floor is that it is incredibly low maintenance. Unlike certain timbers or carpeting which both require more upkeep, with concrete you really just need to give it a sweep and occasional clean to keep your floor looking brand new.

This factor makes them a great choice for use throughout all parts of your home. And if you feel the need to soften things up a bit, it can be as simple as adding a rug in your lounge room or beside the bed.

Endless Choices

When some people envision concrete, they think they are limited to one standard style. But in reality, polished concrete is an incredibly versatile flooring option. There are a number of different sheens, colours and levels of exposure, which will all create an entirely different look.

Concrete can be died to achieve different effects, such as different shades of green, blue, black, red and more. You can also choose from varying levels of stone exposure, from none at all to maximum. During the final polishing process, you can achieve different levels of shine based on your preference- low, medium or high gloss.

Our friends at Outwest Concrete highlight that there are two main varieties of polished concrete. The first is called hard grind, which is when the aggregate is visible. The second is called “easy grind”, which is when your surface is bare and shiny.

No matter your preferences, you can find a polished concrete look that suits your home and your style.


By far one of the biggest benefits of polished concrete flooring is that it is 100% allergy-free. This is because it simply does not hold any allergens or mould.

If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, this is the simplest way to help keep your home allergen-free.


Another advantage of polished concrete flooring which many don’t realise is that it is a great option for both new builds and renovations.

In new builds or extensions, you will have to have a fresh pour – meaning your concrete flooring is brand new and unique. When renovating, sometimes you will be able to work with an existing slab – which will keep things authentic to the original property and also cut down your costs.

Recent Projects

View one of our latest townhouse projects with a beautiful polished concrete:

Polished Concrete1
Polished Concrete2
polished concrete texture

Thanks to all the guys at All Aspects Concrete & Out West Concrete. Polished by Ultra Grind Polished Concrete.

If you want a quality floor that is both a beautiful statement but will stand the test of time, polished concrete is a perfect choice.

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