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Why You Should Consider a Knockdown & Rebuild

Trying to decide what type of build is best for you? From extensions and renovations to knockdown and rebuilds, there are so many options. The trick is finding what will be best suited for you and your family.

While they all have many pros and cons, the knockdown and rebuild approach can be a very attractive option. Sometimes a block of land is precious, but the home on it just isn’t worth saving any longer. In that case, knocking down the existing house and building a brand new home in its place is a great choice.

Let’s talk through the key reasons to consider a knockdown and rebuild.

Stay in the Neighbourhood You Love

Maybe you’ve been in your current neighbourhood for a while, you’ve got a favourite local café and your kids are happy with their school. But your house just is no longer the right fit, and you are in dire need of a home that better fits your lifestyle.

If you love your current neighbourhood, a knockdown and rebuild allows you to remain in the place you know and love while you build a home to perfectly suit your family’s growing needs.

Blank Canvas

When you knock down a house that just isn’t worth saving, you will have a blank canvas to build your dream home on.

Building new on a pre-existing block allows you to design your home exactly how you want it from the ground up with your architects. This means that there is no need to design around pre-existing structural walls.

No need to make any compromises!

Time Saver

We all know that renovating a pre-existing house or adding an extension can sometimes end up taking longer planned as unexpected hurdles appear.

The process of gutting an old home to get it to the point of being completely ready for renovating may take longer than knocking an old house down and rebuilding from scratch.

So if you are on the fence between these two options, but time is a major factor for you, you may want to consider the latter.

It is also important to note that finding a vacant block of land in a prime location can add a number of months to your overall timeline as well.

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No Surprises

While the idea of saving part of an old house and adding on an extension or renovating may sound like it could save you some time and money, that is not always the case.

Extending or remodelling an old home may also bring unplanned surprises (and costs), such as hidden prior damage and structural issues that aren’t discovered until well into the process.

Rebuilding from scratch on your current block allows you to best stick to all plans, timeline and budget.

Things to Consider

When choosing to do a knockdown and rebuild, it’s important to remember that some suburbs and cities have height restrictions or heritage requirements in place.

We recommend it is best to contact your local council first before going ahead with the design stage.

Depending on what you are looking for and what best suits your family and your budget, a knockdown and rebuild might be a great option for you.

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